4 Reasons to Buy Avon During This Pandemic

The last thing you may think about during the pandemic is Avon. But you should keep Avon on your radar. Yes, Avon has make-up; but it also has basics that will make every day a little easier. Here are Four Reasons to shop Avon today.

Self-Care is Important

Stress calls for self-care. Working from home, managing a home, monitoring children, keeping yourself (and everyone else), staying safe and healthy, worrying about relatives and friends, figuring out how to not lose it while being at home ALL THE TIME…it’s just one giant stressor after another. A pandemic is not the time to ignore self-care. Sure, self-care can seem like an indulgence when the world is struggling. But to keep yourself balanced and be able to handle it all, you need to treat yourself well. And, you can show others around you how to take care of themselves when they are really stressed (i.e., show the kids some good ways to cope with life stressors). Taking a bubble bath that eases aches and pains (physical and emotional), wearing that scent that makes you happy (for women and men), moisturizing your chapped hands (constant washing does a number on skin), wearing some fun jewelry just because…all of these are means of self-care. Avon can help you out. Do you have Pandemic Hair?! Avon even has a new line of hair color for you.

Avon is Affordable

Compared to many over-the-counter and online beauty companies, Avon is really affordable. Not only that, but Avon has figured out how to be affordable AND produce products that are good for you. Avon’s new CEO has introduced a ton of new products, many of which are free of all the nasty stuff you don’t want on your skin. Avon also regularly runs sales and specials for you to take advantage of. Check out their “Good Buys” section as well for clearance items. Sign-up for emails from Avon when you purchase from me to receive sales notifications if you want to time your purchases with sales.

Avon Delivers

Leaving the house these days is…well, not really a thing. If you want to minimize how often you leave the house, order from Avon online. Delivery is pretty speedy, and hasn’t been affected too much by COVID-19. And these days, who doesn’t like getting fun packages in the mail!

Avon has Your Family Needs Covered

Ladies, Gents, kiddos…Avon has got something for you. You can order affordable and necessary basics for your entire household from Avon; even deodorant! Why run around to a multitude of stores or multiple websites when you can buy everything (plus a little treat for yourself) in ONE place?! Avon sells bug sprays with sunscreens as well. You are all set for your staycation summer! Do you need something for a birthday or holiday? Avon has all sorts of goodies you can send out. Don’t miss another special day because of this pandemic! Want to keep your family safe? Avon also has a new line of Shield Yourself products: plastic gloves, disposable and washable face masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, home cleaning products. The only thing you can’t find at Avon is toilet paper.

Click HERE to start your product search at my Avon shop.

Need product assistance? Send me a detailed message through my personal shopping page.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!



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