Back-to-School 2019: Lady’s List

It’s that time of year…back-to-school shopping is in full swing! It’s an exciting time for college students, especially if it is their first year of school. Why not send your first-year student off with a thoughtful care package?

Every student needs the basics: shower stuff, lotion, some sort of face wash, vitamins, and some fun accessories. Here are some of my suggestions for a Back-to-School bag for the college student in your life.


The sense-ible choice: Avon Senses Collection ($6.00-$11.00)

Scents: cucumber, pomegranate/mango, cherry blossom, and vanilla.

Collection includes: Body Spray, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath (not pictured). (Hand soap is also available in select scents.)

You really can’t beat the value of the items in this collection. For a college student, the set is easy to carry around and smells great. Plus, if they like it, they can always start purchasing it themselves. Avon offers a four-piece set that includes all of the above mentioned items…although college students may not have a bathtub available, so the bubble bath may be one item too much.

See my Back-to-School Bundles for Senses multi-piece collections.

The classic choice: Avon Skin So Soft Collection ($5.00-$22.00)

Scents: Original, Radiant Moisture, Soft & Sensual, Shea Butter

Products include: (pictured) hand cream, body lotion, shower gel, (not pictured) cream body wash, foaming body wash, bath oil, shave oil, and bonus-size shower gel and body oil.

The classic Avon bath/body product of choice is the Skin So Soft collection. This is my favorite collection, with the Avon Senses coming a close second. I’ve used it since childhood and I am never disappointed in it’s quality, fragrance, or feel.

COMING SOON! See my Back-to-School Bundles for Skin So Soft multi-piece collections.


The only choice: Avon Anew

The Anew product line includes classic cream washes, cleansing wipes, and cleansing micellar water.

The Hard-worker ($12): The Clean Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask is my pick for a back-to-school face wash. It’s two-in-one! I love multitasking products, especially at school where space is limited, this dual cleanser and mask will be helpful to keep on hand.

The Fall Back ($12): Cleansing wipes are a great product to have on hand for those nights when you have been out (studying?!) too late and are too tired to cleanse properly. They are easy to use, disposable, and travel well if you are visiting friends or heading somewhere for a weekend.

The Splurge ($14): Anew Cleansing Micellar Water is a great morning product: use it first thing to cleanse (there hasn’t been a huge build up of dirt, etc. overnight) and the water will leave a clean and toned face in the a.m.. You can use it after cleansing normally as well to remove any dirt or make-up left behind.


The hydrating choice: Anew Hydra Fusion ($34.00-$44.00)

I am in LOVE with the Hydra Fusion line. I live in a cold, dry climate and my skin feels a-maz-ing when I use the hydra fusion serum and moisturizers. Even in the summer, when A/C can dry your skin out and you spend more time in the sun (also drying!), having some form of hydration is awesome.

Avon bundles some day and night products together…perfect for back-to-school!

The Hydra Fusion Day Time Duo comes with the micellar water and a day cream for $21.99 ($48 value).

The Hydra Fusion Night Time Duo comes with de-puffing eye serum and night moisturizer for $30.99 ($68 value).

You can use the de-puffing eye serum day and night, so you are spending roughly $53 for a full day’s treatments. Sometimes that’s what you spend for a morning regime!

If you find the price too steep for a back-to-school item, you can always get the Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum ($44) to wear under a preferred moisturizer.

The Hydra Fusion line also has a Daily Defense moisturizer ($34) with an SPF 50–a good idea winter or summer.


College is a hot bed form germs. Inevitably students are going to get sick. College is also stressful (which can lead to illness). Students will need something to encourage calmness and help boost their immunity. Wouldn’t it be great to give your college student something to help out? Avon has you covered.

The Traditional Choice: RESTORE with Espira ($12-$18)

One option for the college care package is Avon’s Espira Restore. The Restore line offers a multivitamin, a calming tablet with an herbal formula designed to ease stress, and a non-habit forming sleep tablet that uses melatonin and botanicals to help you gain a good, restful sleep. There are some pretty awful over-the-counter tablets that students may buy on their own, why not give them something better?

Tablets come in a 60-day supply AND they can be put on auto-replenish. No need to remember to reorder, Avon will take care of that. (Just remember to select the Auto-Replenish option when ordering!) One less thing to think about amidst all the college busyness!

The On-The-Go Pick: Espira Hydration Supplement ($18)

Comes in three flavors: Berry, Lemon Lime, and Orange

20 packets per box (available on auto-replenish)

If you’re not a tablet person, Avon’s hydrating supplement is another way to go. The powder mixes with water and provides Vitamins C and B (great for boosting immunity!) as well as electrolytes and other minerals.

With auto-replenish, students don’t have to worry about reordering when they run out. (Especially helpful during the winter months when students are spreading colds, etc.) Remember to select the Auto-Replenish option when ordering!

I love vitamin powder supplements myself. I toss a packet in my water before I leave in the morning and sip myself to a boosted immune system.


Including a little bling in your care package is sure to bring a smile! It’s always nice to have a new piece of jewelry to wear in a new setting. I selected some fun and colorful bracelets for this back-to-school list, but Avon has a great selection of jewelry options to choose from.

The No Frills Choice: Stone Accented Beaded Bracelet ($9.99)

Available in four colors: Pearl, Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Reconstituted Turquoise

A simple beaded bracelet adds a touch of color and glam to any outfit. Avon’s Stone Accented Beaded Bracelet certainly fits the bill. Get one, two, or all four to create a beaded bangle look. The bracelets stretch so they are easy to pop on in the rush out the door to classes.

Right now (Aug 2, 2019) these bracelets are on sale. I don’t know how long they will last!!

The Boho Choice: Colorful Adjustable Beaded Bracelet ($14.99)

Comes in five colors: Purple, Red, White, Blue, Green

The Adjustable Beaded Bracelet is a fun twist on the simple beaded string bracelet. The adjustable tails add a little extra bling to the style. These bracelets can be worn singly or in multiples. Their simplicity makes them versatile: wear them to class or to a campus event.

The Classic Choice: Bangle Bracelet Set ($19.99)

Comes in two color options: Silvertone or Goldtone

The Dusted in Glamor Bangle Bracelet Set is a traditional choice for a classic look. These bangles go with everything and work in a casual or more formal setting. Because of their versatility, these bracelets will definitely be worn.

So, those are my Lady’s picks for a 2019 back-to-school care pack! Check back soon for my Gent’s List. Even the guys need some back-to-school goodies!

Shop for Avon products through my online store and check out my bundles to find the Back-to-School Bundle for you.

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