Welcome 2021 (I think?)!

In thinking about where I want to take this blog, and you, my customers, I started thinking about where I have was in 2020. Well, pretty much in the house…yes. But in the house with an infant who turned one toward the end of the year. In a different way, though, I was in the throes of new and sleepless motherhood dealing with a WFH spouse, a household, a child, a business…and it felt like life was juggling me. And believe me: I looked it.

In my need to feel somewhat “put together” (don’t you hate that phrase?), I realized I was just tired of looking and feeling tired. What I’ve noticed throughout life is that the adage “If you look good, you feel good” isn’t the worst advice. When I looked a little more “put together,” I felt a little less disorganized and like I could at least fake it until I actually was less disorganized. I may have three day old oatmeal on my four day old sweats, but I felt like I was a little more awesome despite it.

My Avon boutique is now dedicated to you Moms Or Dads, my M.O.D. squad, who need some self-care, a little pick-me-up, and are looking to fake feeling awake until you really are. I’ll get my 2020 F.U. fatigue fighting solutions up whenever my little darling allows me to type without jumping on the computer.

If you can’t wait, head over to my online Avon shop to explore what new and class goodness Avon has to offer this year.